Is it possible to link another business system to my EDM system?

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Many company departments have a specialist business system such as Accounts, HR and Customer Services  but they also use an enterprise wide electronic document management system to store the related paperwork.

There are frequent occasions when it is necessary to view the paperwork which relates to a transaction which has been recorded in another system and this inevitably involves leaving the screen being viewed in order to log into the EDM system.  The IPC Group’s EDM solution, mstore, however, can now integrate seamlessly with any other IT system through the use of code free integration. CFI is a technique which allows the user to drill down directly on screen to the related documents  stored in mstore. It intuitively recognises the data being viewed and then displays the documents in a new window. All it takes is two mouse clicks and images of the paperwork will appear! One of the greatest benefits of CFI is that it can facilitate integration with another system without the need for any programming or development work and this of course can save a substantial amount of money.

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