Is it possible to outsource the scanning of HR files?

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Many HR departments do not have sufficient staff available to scan their HR records and they also do not have the space to store them in paper format.  So, what is the solution to this problem?

The solution is to outsource the work to a scanning bureau where the records will be scanned and indexed by a team of professional scanning operatives. Most scanning companies will collect the files from you and they will be transported securely in locked crates to the scanning bureau. All personnel will have signed confidentiality agreements and will have been specially trained in the handling of personal data.

Upon arrival the files will be prepared for scanning by removing staples, paperclips and post-it notes and then scanned using the appropriate type of scanner. Some HR managers will request that the files are scanned in sections such as ‘Application,’ ‘Correspondence,’ ‘Training’ etc. but others will simply require them to be scanned in date order as per the original paper file.

Search references will then be added in order to retrieve the electronic files and these are usually ‘Name of employee’, ‘Date of Birth’ and ‘Payroll/Employee number.’ After the images and data have been quality checked the records will either be re-assembled for return or retained for an agreed period of time before being confidentially shredded.

The scanned images can either be delivered on CD’s or DVD’s or uploaded directly to a client server via a secure web link.

For further information and advice on outsourcing the scanning of your HR files please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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