Is it possible to restrict the number of users of an online PO system?

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One of the major benefits of having an online purchase order system is that an administrator can strictly control who is able to access the system.

The administrator will assign access rights to only those who have had authorisation from their managers. User names and passwords are issued to approved users and a full audit trail records details of all activity within the purchase order system.

The whole process of raising a purchase order through to approval and invoice reconciliation are controlled using workflow. A set of rules are defined which automatically route the purchase order to an authorised user for approval which is dependent on the value of the order. If it is above the threshold of the first approver it will be escalated to the next management tier.

When the corresponding purchase invoice is received it will be scanned and matched to the original purchase order and then directed electronically to the relevant person for approval.

An online purchase order system is far more secure than any paper based system and gives the financial department full visibility of all orders in progress which gives tighter control over cash flow.

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