Is large format document scanning the scanning of maps and plans?

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Large format document scanning is a term used to describe the scanning of any paperwork larger than A4 right up to A0.

Maps and plans can be large format but there are several other document types such as newspapers, posters, manuscripts and engineering drawings which would also be classed as large format.

In order to carry out large format scanning a special large format scanner is required. These scanners come in various sizes dependent on the size of the paperwork which is to be scanned. There are scanning bureaux which specialise in large format document scanning and they will have scanners which can be used for all sizes of paperwork. They will also employ experienced staff who will attain the best results possible for you.

There are many reasons for scanning large format documents such as reducing the amount of space required to store the paper versions. Other benefits include improved security as access can be strictly controlled, no misfiling or ‘losing’ documents, no damage to the original copies and multiple user viewing capability.

For further information on large format document scanning please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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