Is there a system which can manage student records?

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Managing student records in paper format is not an easy task. Local authorities and the Records Management Society publish guidelines for good practice and cover issues such as:

  • Compliance with the requirements of The Data Protection Act and The freedom of Information Act
  • Security – ensuring that no unauthorised access is allowed.
  • Retention periods for certain types of information must be adhered to
  • The destruction of paper records must be carried out confidentially

Trying to manage all this manually is a nightmare! This is why the education sector are beginning to change the way they work and are using records and document management systems to automate the process.

Archived records can be scanned into the system using a bureau scanning service and going forward all documents created internally as well as emails and attachments can be filed directly into the repository so that the only scanning requirements are for incoming post.

User access is strictly controlled, there is an audit trail for compliance purposes and the automated document retention tool ensures that no data is kept beyond the recommended retention period. Records can be deleted securely and there is no paper to shred.

The IPC Group’s product mstore for Education can do all this and more. For a free consultation and demonstration of this Records Management solution please call 08081 45 46 47.

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