Looking for a document scanning service in the Cambridge area?

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If you work in the Cambridge area and have a problem finding storage space for your office paperwork, why not consider having it scanned so it can be stored electronically?

Office space is expensive and needs to be used productively. Filing furniture can take up a lot of floor area which could be better used as additional workspace. As a large percentage of paperwork, such as accounts and HR, needs to be kept for long periods of time, storing it in paper format makes no economic sense. In addition to the space issue it is also worth considering the fire risk which paper presents and how difficult it would be to replace should it be lost or damaged.

The IPC Group is a local company which operates a document scanning service at its offices near Cambridge. Paperwork can be collected from businesses in and around Cambridge and delivered to IPC’s scanning bureau in St.Ives. It will be scanned and indexed and the electronic data delivered to you either on CD, DVD or transferred direct to a server at your offices via a secure web link. Post scanning the paper files can either be returned to you or IPC can arrange to have them confidentially shredded.

For further information on The IPC Group’s document scanning service for businesses in Cambridge, please click here or call 08081 45 46 47.

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