MoReq 2010 – what is it?

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MoReq 2010 is the latest version of MoReq and it specifies the requirements for electronic records management systems within the European Union.

It differs radically from previous versions and from other records management specifications which specify that a single system could act as the records repository for the whole organisation, in other words, an Electronic Records Management System. MoReq 2010 advocates a range of different models for records management systems such as systems which have no user interface but capture records which have been saved into other applications and any business application other than an EDRMS which has records management functionality.

In summary, the main aspects of MoReq 2010 are that it acknowledges the fact that records are stored in more than one location, encourages alternative formats to the ‘document’ and the ‘file/folder’, and as technology changes faster than records, the specification strongly demands that record integrity is maintained when transported to another system.

To download a copy of MoReq 2010 please click here and if you would like any further information on Records Management Systems please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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