Most cost effective way of processing questionnaires?

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Questionnaire processing can be a slow and labour intensive exercise when done manually. Data from the forms has to be input into an IT system before it can be processed and analysed and this can be time consuming and prone to error.

Questionnaires, for example, customer surveys or market research surveys, are used to gather feedback about products or services. The forms consist of a series of questions usually multiple choice as well as rating scales. The most cost effective way of processing questionnaires is to use forms processing software. The software automatically extracts data from the forms and uploads it to an IT system.  Of key importance, however, when using software is the design and layout of the forms.  The size and structure of the fields must be clearly defined so that individual characters can be interpreted correctly. After the questionnaires have been scanned there is a verification stage to check the results and make amendments if necessary.

Many document scanning companies provide questionnaire processing services using forms processing software. They will scan and extract the data from the forms and supply you with a spreadsheet or CSV file as per your instructions.

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