The Digital Pen – why is it the ideal solution for mobile field workers?

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In a fast developing world of technological advancement, there is still an enormous dependency on paper forms. For example, patients in hospital have to sign consent forms, customers sign for deliveries, insurance inspectors complete damage reports, construction site inspections and gas pipeline inspections are all form based.

It is estimated that in the USA alone, there are well over 100 billion paper forms processed every year!

Mobile field workers are particularly dependent on pen and paper. It is not practical for them to carry around expensive and weighty technology and the open laptop screen can form an unfriendly barrier for the customer. The problem with using pen and paper is the time delay from collecting the data and getting it into a processing system to activate a claim, approve a sales order or schedule remedial work etc. So, what is the answer?
Using a digital pen, workers can continue to work with paper forms but can now digitally capture the data, transfer it via Bluetooth to a Blackberry which then uploads the data, in seconds, to a central IT system. Just think of the cost savings from not having to manually key in the information from the forms and the much improved customer satisfaction as processes are initiated so much faster.

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