We process high volume of forms, would form recognition software help?

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Many organisations which handle forms of any kind for example market research, customer surveys or mortgage applications, will employ a team of people to input the data from the forms into a system which will process it.

Not only is this a time consuming and costly exercise but it is also prone to error if data is keyed in incorrectly. A far more cost effective, efficient and accurate way to upload the data from forms is to use form recognition software.

The forms are scanned and the form recognition software automatically captures the data, extracts it and feeds it into an IT system for processing. The software is pre-configured to ‘read’ data in pre-defined areas of the form so it knows where on the page to ‘look’.  It can also run 24 hours a day and does not go on leave or get sick!

Automated data capture is being used more and more by companies to speed up the processing of data which can lead to faster response times and improved cash flow. Data inputting personnel can be re-deployed to carry out more productive tasks which can again affect a business’s bottom line.

For further information on form recognition and data capture solutions please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47, and they will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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