What applications can digital pens be used for?

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A digital pen is a device which captures the handwriting of a user and converts it into digital data. The number of applications a digital pen can be used for is considerable – just think of the number of uses there are for collecting data with a normal ballpoint pen. The main difference between a traditional pen and a digital pen is that the latter requires no manual data inputting. As soon as the data has been recorded it can be instantly uploaded to an office based server allowing processing to begin almost immediately.

Digital pens are frequently used by mobile workers who need to fill out forms. These forms can be surveys, details of patients visited at home, insurance claim validations, inventories – the list is endless. The pens are also increasingly being used by NHS staff to record patient notes on the wards or in outpatients.

Other uses include Proof of Delivery notes, aircraft maintenance and building inspections. In fact, anything where a paper copy has to be retained on site and other parties need access to the paperwork. The digital pen has also been embraced by students who are using it to record lecture notes.

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