What are the advantages of legal document scanning for law firms?

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The legal profession is highly paper intensive and legal files have to be retained for long periods of time. Storing files in paper format takes up a lot of space and can be costly.

By using a legal document scanning services, paper files can be converted into electronic format and can be viewed on a PC or tablet. Scanned documents can be accessed quickly without the need to scour through mountains of paper in order to find what you need. They can also be shared and emailed to colleagues who may be working on the same case.

As working electronically is far more efficient, clients will benefit from faster results and lawyers will be able to complete more projects.

Of most significance, however, is that substantial monetary savings can be made through reduced paper and toner costs as well as physical storage costs. Many law firms do not have the space on site to store their archived documents and have to pay a storage supplier for this service. Whereas document scanning is a one off cost, storage costs are ongoing until such time as the files can be destroyed.

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