What are the advantages of scanning delivery notes and POD’s?

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Scanning delivery notes enables companies to store them electronically rather than in paper format.

If you run a courier business, you will, no doubt, have drivers who, throughout the day, collect signed proof of delivery notes. These notes are then returned to the office where they have to be sorted and filed. This is not only time consuming but also labour intensive and costly.

A more efficient way to manage and store delivery notes is to send them to a document scanning bureau where they will be converted into electronic format. They can be collected either weekly, monthly or any other agreed period of time and taken to a bureau to be scanned. The scanned delivery notes can be referenced by POD number, customer name or date or all of these if required. They can be scanned in TIFF or PDF format or even searchable PDF’s if preferred.

The scanned data will be delivered either on DVD’s or uploaded directly to one of your servers to give fast access. Having the delivery notes stored in a system will enable customer queries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and customers themselves could even be given password controlled access to their own delivery notes.

For further information on scanning delivery notes please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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