What are the advantages of scanning drawings and maps?

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There are many reasons for converting maps, plans and drawings into electronic format, not least to preserve unique single copies which may become unreadable over time or even suffer damage.

Scanned documents can also be accessed immediately without having to physically search through storage cabinets and the need to handle valuable archive material is eliminated which reduces wear and tear.

The electronic images can also be viewed by a whole team of people so can be shared without having to pass documents around the office. Plans and maps can also be viewed remotely so off site workers can access material which would normally be stored in the office.

There is also a significant reduction in the amount of storage space required – original paper copies can be stored off site or even destroyed if not of any historic value. Overall, if maps and plans are stored electronically there are substantial cost savings to be made in terms of storage space, time spent searching for and filing documents and travel back and forth to the office for field staff.

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