What are the advantages of scanning laboratory notebooks?

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Laboratory notebooks are used to record details of research as it is carried out and are used to document experiments and hypotheses. They also play an integral part in protecting the intellectual property which relates to the research.

Lab books, consequently, are extremely important documents and should be stored securely and confidentially. Keeping them in paper format only is not advisable as they could easily be lost, destroyed or damaged. For these reasons, laboratory notebooks should be scanned and stored electronically.

The easiest way to do this is to send them to a document scanning bureau where the documents will be scanned by an experienced team of scanning operatives. The scanned images will be quality checked and then delivered on a CD or DVD. The original paper copies can either be confidentially shredded or returned to the client.

For further information on laboratory notebook scanning please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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