What are the advantages of using the digital pen when carrying out medicals for insurance companies?

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There are several companies which provide outsourced risk management and medical services for insurers and employers. The medical services include the assessment of applicants for personal insurance by carrying out medical examinations.

This examination usually takes place at the home or workplace of the applicant and the visiting nurse works from a pre-printed checklist of requirements. The usual way of completing the form was to write out the answers (blood pressure reading, information on family health history etc.) using a ballpoint pen. At the end of the day, all this information then had to be entered on to a system which the insurance company could access in order to assess the person’s suitability for the insurance product applied for.

Needless to say, this was time consuming and prone to error and reduced the number of potential clients who could be assessed in a working day. Today, however, more and more of these medical assessments are completed with the help of a digital pen. The information is recorded in exactly the same way as before, using this special pen instead of a traditional ballpoint and the forms are printed onto Anoto paper which is covered in a series of almost invisible grey dots and works in conjunction with the pen. As soon as the form is completed the nurse ticks a box with the pen and the encrypted data, which has been stored in the pen up to this point, is uploaded, via Bluetooth, to an I.T. system at the insurer’s offices where it can be viewed and assessed.

The speed at which applications can be dealt with and acted upon by using the digital pen, is greatly increased, mistakes are reduced and more importantly, has a very positive impact on revenue streams.

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