What are the benefits of automating our business processes?

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In the wake of world paper free day the subject of using less paper has again become a hot topic. Automating manual business processes is key to eliminating the amount of paper used in any organisation and has significant benefits.

Research shows that by removing paper and using automated processes customer service can be improved by up to 300%. If mobile technology is also adopted this can help even more to speed up access to vital data which may be required quickly to resolve a dispute or query.

A cloud based document management system, for example, which can be accessed via a tablet or smartphone gives employees the ability to view business information instantly at any time and at any location. The critical step is to capture data electronically at the earliest opportunity to avoid lost forms, re-keying and time delays. This can be done in several ways – scanning incoming post, saving all Microsoft Office documents generated in house directly into a document management system or extracting data for processing from forms using data capture software.

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