What are the benefits of off site document storage?

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In business, there are many types of paperwork which have to be retained for long periods of time in order to comply with legal requirements. Examples of these are financial information, product manuals and employees pension details.

In many cases, it is unlikely that the documents will ever need to be accessed but companies still have to find storage space for them in case they are required as evidence in a litigation case. This can present some organisations with a problem as storing boxes of files within an office environment is not only costly but also a potential risk. Massive fines could be incurred in the event of lost data caused by fire or flooding – the majority of fires are started by equipment such as photocopiers being left on overnight and the more boxes of paper in the building, the worse the damage will be.

The solution to this is to outsource the storage. The IPC Group operate a secure humidity controlled warehouse and offer a 24 or 48 hour retrieval service or whatever suits the needs of the client. Boxed paperwork is shrink wrapped and palletised and the details entered into a stock management system. Requests can be made for individual files or complete boxes and can be delivered either by courier or scanned and emailed. IPC can also arrange for the shredding of documents at the end of the retention period so there is no need for clients to worry about the secure destruction of their information.

The benefits of offsite storage are:

·Frees up valuable office space, allowing it to be used more productively

·Mitigates risk and reduces insurance premiums

·Ensures data is confidentially destroyed at the appropriate time, therefore giving compliance with the Data Protection Act

·Guarantees fast access and retrieval when documents are required

To find out more about The IPC Group’s document storage and retrieval service please call freephone 08081 45 46 47

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