What are the benefits of purchase order software?

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A paper based purchase order system can create all kinds of issues within an organisation, particularly where there is no control over the processes involved.

Incomplete information leads to delays in ordering goods and services and the finance department has limited visibility of the financial liability of the business. Matching invoices to PO’s, however, is the biggest headache and the amount of time involved can be costly.

Purchase order software gives complete control over the raising of purchase orders and standardises the processes across an entire organisation, ensuring that all relevant details are provided. A drop down list of suppliers with prices and other data makes it fast and easy to populate the PO and predefined automated approval routes send it quickly to the relevant person for authorisation.

One of the greatest gains, though, is in invoice matching. As soon as an invoice has been processed it can be posted directly from purchase control to the purchase ledgers saving time looking for paper copies of purchase orders and speeding up the payment process.

Purchase order software allows you to control your purchasing and is ideal for multiple locations. Documents OnLine supply a cloud based purchase order system which is subscription based and requires no installation or internal IT support. It is highly secure and can be accessed remotely via a tablet or smartphone.

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