What are the benefits of scanning accounts paperwork?

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The accounts department in most organisations is usually awash with paper. Despite the exponential growth in the use of email, a large percentage of accounts documents which have to be processed are still paper based.

Accounts paperwork such as invoices, credit notes and expenses can all be sent to IPC’s document scanning bureau where they will be converted into electronic format. The paperwork will be scanned and indexed making access and retrieval fast and easy as well as freeing up storage space in your office.

The indexing criteria could be, for example, invoice number, company name, date, employee name – this would be agreed prior to scanning.  OCR (optical character recognition) can also be applied to enable a full text search if required.

We also offer a confidential document shredding service so that once scanned, the paperwork does not need to be returned to you.

For further information on accounts paperwork scanning please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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