What are the latest records management trends?

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The concept of records management, i.e. the organization and storage of documents from creation to disposition, was first introduced when the majority of records were paper based. In more recent times, however, there has been a growing awareness that electronic records also need to be managed in the same way and many of the original records management guidelines have been adopted to ensure that all information within an organisation, regardless of its format, is managed correctly.

Recent research on records management in a business environment examined the strategies either in place or being considered for managing documents both currently and in the future. The findings show how trends have changed over the years and makes interesting reading. The most significant fact is that paper records are now decreasing in 41% of organisations and this is the first time that a decrease of such a substantial amount has ever been reported.

One of the key drivers for having a records management strategy in place is compliance, followed by the ability to share information. The proliferation and high importance of emails has also forced companies into looking at ways of managing their data to ensure security and fast retrieval. Spending is set to rise on EDM solutions, e-discovery tools and email management but a fall is anticipated in costs relating to legal cases resulting from poor records management practice.

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