What can a digital pen be used for?

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A digital pen can be used for a wide range of tasks but is most effective when applied to a structured form.

It is ideal for completing surveys or recording other types of information such as insurance claims, patient records or application forms. The digital pen looks like a standard ballpoint pen but has a tiny camera in the nib which captures the brush strokes of a user and converts the handwriting into digital data.

Ideally, a form which is to be used in conjunction with a digital pen, has to be designed specifically to optimise the accuracy of the technology. This can include individual boxes for each letter with carefully measured spacing for clarity.

The advantages of using a digital pen are numerous but the greatest is that it gives instant access to the data rather than having to wait for it to be manually input into an IT system. This allows processing to begin earlier and can give an organisation significant financial advantage.

The digital pen is widely used in the healthcare sector and plays an important role in the electronic patient record initiative. It is also used by police forces, transport and logistics and financial services.

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