What challenges does document management present to HR departments?

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Personnel records very often have to be accessed both by field workers and central management and sometimes at the same time. Sending files by mail or by fax can raise the risk of inadvertent disclosure and/or lost documents. Photocopying pages can lead to unnecessary duplication and result in multiple copies being generated which again, could compromise the security of data.

In addition to the logistical problems HR departments also have to comply with Data Protection legislation which regulates the retention of personal data. Retaining certain types of data beyond the legal threshold can result in prosecution and incur heavy penalties.

Storing HR records in paper format makes all these challenges at best, difficult and at worst impossible. By implementing an electronic document management system, however, the issues of shared access to documents, controlling security, maintaining integrity and legal compliance become immediately attainable. The IPC Group’s document management software has a built in document retention tool to automatically weed the data and also highly sophisticated audit reporting to monitor all activity within the system and show any unauthorised usage.

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