What companies provide accounts paperwork scanning services?

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An accounts paperwork scanning service is provided by most document scanning companies. Financial records, by law, must be kept for at least six years so storing paper copies can occupy a vast amount of space which, for larger organisations, can be quite costly. Paper files can also easily be lost, misfiled or accidentally damaged which again could have financial implications should HMRC request to see a document.

For these reasons, many businesses are now having their accounts paperwork scanned to save storage space and to ensure its safekeeping. The most efficient way of doing this is to send it to a document scanning bureau where it will be scanned and indexed according to a client’s instructions.

The paperwork can be collected either weekly or monthly, dependent on the volume and the scanned images can be delivered directly to a client server or supplied on CD’s or DVD’s.

The scanning company will usually keep the paper copies for an agreed period of time and then arrange for them to be confidentially shredded.

For further information on scanning accounts paperwork please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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