What do businesses need to consider when looking at mobile technologies?

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A recent report across the healthcare and financial sectors has concluded that companies are spending an extortionate amount of money on mobile computing equipment without really understanding the objectives and business processes it is attempting to revolutionise.

The survey, which was commissioned by Anoto, the digital pen and paper technology inventor, also reported that in many cases, the working conditions of the end user were not taken into consideration and resulted in totally unsuitable and complex technology being deployed. The overall result was that in some cases, mobile workers were actually being less productive through the use of inappropriate ‘solutions’.

The essence of mobile technology is that it has to be simple and relevant for the task being carried out and also suit the user’s ability without requiring extensive training.

The benefits of using digital pen technology answers all of the above issues – it is very easy to use, in fact, it is no different from using a normal ball point pen to fill out forms. It allows data to be transferred quickly and securely and requires a minimum amount of user training. There are many case studies which prove that the technology does substantially improve productivity and the cost of implementation is moderate when weighed against the benefits.

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