What do I do if I have confidential documents which need to be professionally scanned but cannot be released off site?

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Many businesses have sensitive or valuable documentation which, for safekeeping, should be stored electronically. The problem, however, is that in house resource and/or expertise is not always available to carry out this work and the paperwork cannot be removed from the office premises to be scanned in a bureau.

The solution to this is to call a company in to set up a temporary scanning unit on site. Experienced scanning staff and the appropriate equipment is put in place and the job can be done in situ with little disruption to the daily routine. It also allows the client’s own staff to give advice, if required and also leaves the documents available for access. All that is required is a reasonable amount of workspace, good lighting and powerpoints. As soon as the work is complete, the team simply pack up and leave and can return at any time in the future if additional documentation needs to be scanned.

For further advice on on site scanning, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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