What hardware is required for data capture?

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There are many different scenarios where data capture is deployed and it is important to select the most appropriate capture hardware for each situation.

If data capture is a front end process within an organisation, for example, large volumes of incoming post needs to be scanned and data extracted from the paperwork on a daily basis, a single or several dedicated document scanners should be used as it is a regular and integral business process.

When data, however, needs to be captured away from the office by a mobile worker a mobile device such as the digital pen would be the recommended solution. Using specially printed paper the pen captures the handwriting and transmits it to an office based IT system either via wireless or by docking the pen to a PC. This eliminates the need to key in the data later in the day and makes the information immediately available for processing.

A third example is when data is captured by several groups of users in an office on an ad hoc basis. On these occasions a shared network scanner or multifunctional device would be the most appropriate type of hardware as it would not be in constant use.

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