What is a digital mailroom?

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A digital mailroom operates in a similar way to the traditional mailroom inasmuch as post is received, opened and distributed. In a digital mailroom, however, as soon as the mail is opened, the documents are scanned and indexed so an image of the document is captured immediately and then automatically routed to the relevant recipient, electronically.

Where appropriate, the scanned paperwork, e.g. completed forms, can also be routed to a workflow application which, using a set of rules, would forward the documents to a team or team member who would then carry out the required processing. Should the relevant person not respond to the call for action within a predefined period of time, the task would automatically escalate to another member of staff. Data capture can also be applied in the digital mailroom. The data extracted from forms or invoices can be transferred immediately to the relevant IT system making it instantly available for processing.

The advantages of a digital mailroom can be seen in cost and space savings. Post can be distributed electronically to any location in the world, thus saving on transport and postage costs. The number of staff required to work in the post room is drastically reduced and office space can be freed for more productive use.

The IPC Group supply a software package called ‘Mailroom’ which has all the features required to implement a digital post room. For further information, please call 08081 45 46 47.

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