What is a document scanning service?

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There are several reasons why organisations are choosing to store their paperwork electronically. Ease of access, security and space savings are but a few of them but how easy is it to actually convert documents into electronic format?

The skills required for scanning documents are often underestimated and mistakes can be costly. First of all, the paperwork must be carefully prepared – staples and paperclips have to be removed without damaging the pages. Secondly, the captured image must be of high quality – legible, not misaligned or cropped and thirdly, the indexing must be accurate – no misspellings or incorrect references. This last stage is the most critical, as any document which is incorrectly indexed will be irretrievable.

This is why many companies take the decision to outsource their document scanning to a scanning bureau where highly experienced trained operatives convert the paperwork on behalf of a client using state of the art equipment. Stringent quality checks are carried out and confidentiality guaranteed. Documents are collected from the customer, scanned and indexed by bureau staff and the electronic images and database are supplied on CD or DVD. A shredding service can also be provided whereby, once the client is satisfied with the quality of the scanning, the paperwork is securely destroyed.

For information on The IPC Group’s bureau scanning service, please call freephone 08081 45 46 47.

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