What is a large format document scanning service?

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A large format document scanning service can convert documents which are larger than standard A4 size into electronic format. Special large format document scanners can scan up to A0 size documents and the service is normally provided in a bureau.

Large format documents can include maps, plans and technical drawings which because of their size, occupy a large amount of physical storage space. Having them scanned in PDF format not only makes them easier to store but also gives fast access to the documents when attending on site meetings as they can be viewed on your laptop.

A large format document scanning service also provides a repair service so that any damaged documents can be made good prior to scanning and the optimum quality image will be captured. Index references are added in order to retrieve the item on screen and colour scanning is also available as colour is frequently used to define details on maps and plans.

Most large format document scanning bureaux will offer a collect and return service and some will also confidentially destroy paper copies if they are no longer required.

For further information on large format document scanning please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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