What is an online Purchase Order System?

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An online Purchase Order System allows purchase orders to be created electronically and is designed according to a set of rules which gives uniformity across any organisation.

The rules ensure that all purchase orders raised are in the same format and have been given the correct level of approval. Pre-defined drop down lists of supplier details and types of goods and services ensure that spelling is always accurate and that the correct address details are used. A template is downloaded with all the fields required some of which will be mandatory and others optional. After the purchase order has been completed it is sent via workflow to the relevant approver. If it is not approved, it is returned to the PO creator with the reason it has been rejected. If it is approved it is then automatically sent to the supplier by email.

Purchase Order software also facilitates a reporting process giving the Finance Department the ability to see all amounts outstanding, track expenditure and control cash flow.

Not only does an online purchase order system improve efficiency it also saves money on paper, filing and retrieval. Physical storage space is reduced and can be put to more productive use.

For further information on online purchase order systems please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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