What is Electronic Workflow?

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Electronic workflow is used by organisations to automate business processes. Documents are scanned or created from on screen templates within a document management system and then passed around electronically to individuals or teams of people who then carry out relevant actions. The workflow system is governed by a set of pre-defined rules which includes the facility to re-direct documents to another user if action is not taken within a fixed timescale.

The benefits of electronic workflow are numerous. The greatest gain is improved efficiency which leads to a higher standard of customer service. Procedures are carried out faster, more accurately and require less human resource. Greater visibility and accountability is achieved as an audit trail is available to track the status of each part of the process. Savings are also made through redeployment of staff and reduced customer claims for failing to meet service level agreements.

For further information on how an electronic workflow system can improve your business performance, please contact The IPC Group freephone on 08081 45 46 47.

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