What is form processing software?

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Form processing software is used to automate the capture of data from paper forms and enter it into a database. It is used to process large volumes of forms instead of having to manually input data which is both labour intensive and costly.

After a form has been scanned the form processing software searches its template library for a matching template and then processes the form according to the rules which have been pre-defined for that particular type of form. The software ‘reads’ each field of the form and outputs the data which it has interpreted.  It is important that the forms are carefully designed in order to optimise the accuracy of the software using boxes to separate letters and ensuring that handwriting stays within the boxes.

The next stage is called ‘verify’ which allows human intervention to check any questionable characters which the software has identified and if necessary make corrections. Once approved, the data can then be exported in standard XML or CSV formats along with the scanned image as back up. The original paper copies can then be destroyed as both the data and the image are now stored electronically. Form processing software can be used for all types of forms such as customer surveys, applications and claims and provides a more efficient and cost effective way of processing forms.

For further information on form processing software please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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