What is online document storage?

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Online document storage is a secure web based method of storing data which allows access at anytime and in any place in the world.

Documents created in MS Office applications, scanned documents and emails can all be stored online so wherever you are you can have fast access to any business paperwork you need.  Invoices, for example, can be authorised whilst you are travelling, saving a mountain of paper piling up on your desk for when you return.

The other advantages are that online document storage requires no software installation, there is no hardware investment and there is no impact on IT resources within a company.

Documents OnLine is a new subscription based online document storage service which is hosted in the UK and gives access 24/7 to all your vital business data. If you have an archive of material which needs to be scanned into the system and you do not have the resource to do it in house, the DOL team can arrange to do this for you using their sister company’s document scanning bureau.

DOL also supply a Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice Approval online system which has been developed to automate the raising and management of purchase orders through to the approval of the corresponding purchase invoice.

For more information on the DOL suite of products please click here or call us on 0800 840 3336.

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