What is purchase order software?

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For any organisation, managing the raising of purchase orders can prove to be a difficult task. It is even more of a problem where multiple locations are involved with only one group finance office. Staff at each site has to contact the main office who then raise a purchase order manually and send it for approval. This can result in delays in ordering which lead to more expensive alternative suppliers being used, labour intensive activity to match invoices to PO’s and poor visibility of the financial exposure of the company.

By using purchase order software, however, the complete process from the creation of a purchase order through to the approval of the matching invoice can be automated. A web based system is ideal for multiple locations and multiple user approvals allowing the processes to be carried out faster and more efficiently. All related documents can be stored electronically and accessed instantly, vastly increasing the time spent searching for paperwork.

At any time, the Finance Department can see exactly what the company’s financial liability is, giving much tighter control over expenditure. After investing in purchase order software the ROI can be realised remarkably quickly giving cost savings on staff and other general expenditure.

The IPC Group are suppliers of purchase order software and offer free demonstrations of their product. To contact us, please call us on 08081 45 46 37.

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