What is the best way to get my family photographs scanned?

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The best way to get family photographs scanned is to send them to a document scanning bureau which specialises in the scanning of photographs.

Family photographs and memorabilia are very precious items and should they get lost or damaged, cannot be replaced. Having this material scanned ensures its safekeeping for future generations and also allows friends and family all over the world to view the images via the internet.

A scanning bureau will be equipped with state of the art scanners and employ experienced operatives who will be able to produce the highest quality results, regardless of the age of the photographs. You can either send your photographs by registered post or deliver them in person if you prefer. ‘Titles’ can also be added to the photographs if you wish or they can simply be numbered, the choice is yours. Individual photographs of all sizes as well as albums can be catered for, in both colour or black and white.

Photograph scanning is a service offered by The IPC Group. To send an order to us please click here or to discuss your requirements with one of our experts please call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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