What is the best way to manage electronic records?

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Records management is not a new concept and electronic management of paper records has been practiced for many years. The electronic management of electronic records, however, has only recently been recognised as an important issue.

Electronic records which include scanned documents, emails and web pages are now commonplace in most organisations and the increase in compliance regulation and litigation has brought about the need for good electronic records management.

A structured professional electronic document management system will go some way to managing electronic records effectively if it is used to store all company documentation including emails. It is also important that an EDM system has a document retention tool which can assign destruction or review dates to images to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act. It is equally important to destroy particular types of personal data after a certain length of time when it is stored electronically as it is in paper format.

An email archiving solution should also be used to capture all incoming and outgoing emails. Even if it is company policy to store all emails in an EDM system, there is no way of knowing if all employees are doing so or if emails are being deliberately or even accidentally deleted. An email archiving solution ensures that nothing is lost or missing which is essential for compliance purposes.

The IPC Group specialises in the storage of electronic records and provides a range of solutions which will can help your business to manage information more effectively.

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