What is the best way to manage our inspection reports?

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The Health and Safety Executive state that work equipment must be regularly inspected ‘if your risk assessment identifies any significant risk (for example, of major injury) to operators and others from the equipment’s installation or use’. Inspection reports produced by an organisation must be kept securely and must be easy to access should they be requested by an enforcing authority.

For some companies who rely heavily on equipment such as cranes and forklift tricks keeping track of paper reports can be challenging to say the least. The reports very often never get recorded in a central system,  get damaged or even lost and this can cost dearly if litigation is invoked.

One way to solve all these problems would be to use a digital pen to complete the reports which would be printed on a special type of paper. The pen is slightly larger than a normal ballpoint but is used in exactly the same way. As soon as the form has been completed a box is ticked and the data from the form is automatically uploaded via Bluetooth to a central IT system. Not only has the data been captured but a PDF image of the form can also be viewed on screen.

This method ensures that the reports are recorded instantly and are stored in a structured way making access to them fast and guaranteed. There is no need to spend time keying in the results of the inspection and as the forms can then be destroyed there is also no filing to do.

There are many other applications for the digital pen and for further information on how the pen can help you and your business please call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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