What is the best way to manage software licence renewals?

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Many companies lease systems and software on an annual basis and have to find a way of keeping track of renewal dates. Unfortunately, many software suppliers fail to notify customers of renewal dates and either continue to take direct debit payments or disable the software when payment is not received on time. Both can be equally detrimental to a business.

It is important to review the cost and efficiency of leased services regularly to ensure that a) the performance still meets requirements and b) financially, it is the best deal in the market place. The same applies to annual software maintenance payments, domain name renewals and even I.T. equipment which is leased.

The most effective way to manage all types of agreements or contracts is to invest in an electronic Contracts Management System. An investment, incidentally, which will show a significant ROI within a very short time. Automating the processes involved in managing contracts ensures that advanced email renewal notices are received and information can be shared and easily accessed. There will be no more missed deadlines or overpayment for products or services which are no longer required.

For more information on The IPC Group’s Contracts Management System please call us on 08081 45 46 47 and start to reap the benefits sooner rather than later.

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