What is the best way to store HR Records?

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The HR Department of any company, holds some of the most confidential and sensitive information in the organization and traditionally, it is stored in paper files in filing cabinets.

Data relating to employees is of a highly contentious and potentially litigious nature and has to be managed in accordance with compliance regulations.

To do this manually is a daunting task and often liable to malpractice. Any HR Manager should ask him/herself the following questions:

How secure is access to the filing cabinets?
How often are records ‘weeded’ to comply with Data Protection requirements?
How many files are ‘lost’ through misfiling?
How much does it cost to maintain a manual system?

By using mstore, The IPC Group’s Electronic Document Management solution, all of these issues can easily be addressed and rectified. Storing Personnel Records electronically with tightly controlled password access provides a high level of security, allows data to be located in seconds and eliminates the problem of misfiling.

The Document Retention tool automates the weeding of files so no data is kept beyond the legal retention period thus making compliance no longer an issue. Staff time saved on filing, searching for information, photocopying and general housekeeping can be spent on more productive tasks and of course, time saved equals money saved.

For more information on how The IPC Group can help an HR Department to work more efficiently, please call 08081 45 46 47.

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