What is the most efficient way to process our customer surveys?

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Many organisations use market research to stay ahead of their competitors and distribute customer surveys to gather the feedback they need.

A customer survey consists of a series of questions relating to the quality of customer service, value for money, speed of delivery etc. which customers can rate either using tick boxes or a rating scale. Completed customer surveys are returned to the retailer or supplier for analysis and this normally entails manually inputting the data from the forms into a system.

Manual data inputting is not only labour intensive and time consuming but also costly and prone to error. The most efficient way of extracting the data from customer surveys is by using form recognition software. There are companies which specialise in this service and they will scan your forms extract the data and deliver it either on a spreadsheet or in XML format. The customer surveys can be sent directly to the document scanning bureau via a PO Box Number thus eliminating any need for you to handle the forms after they have been completed. The information you need which has been collected from the customers will be made available to you within hours so you can immediately start acting upon the results.

Form recognition software will give you the competitive edge over your competitors and drive your business forward more rapidly so to find out more please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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