What is the quickest way to process claims forms?

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Processing claims forms manually is time consuming and labour intensive. Delayed payments result in dissatisfied customers who will take their business elsewhere.

So how can claims forms be processed quickly, efficiently and more cost effectively?

The forms can be sent to a document scanning bureau to be scanned and processed. They can either be delivered by courier or to a PO Box which has been set up purely for that purpose.

The documents will be scanned and data extracted using OCR technology and uploaded to a system for processing within an agreed timescale. Many forms are now completed online and delivered via email and the data from these can be captured in the same way.

Reports can also be run to analyse, for example, the number of claims made by the same customer over a period of time which could give an early warning of possible fraudulent behaviour.

If your organisation does not wish to invest in an in-house data capture system or lacks the resources to manage a scanning operation, outsourcing the task to a scanning bureau would be the ideal solution.

To discuss your claims forms processing requirements in more detail, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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