What will I save if I use electronic document management?

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When we talk about electronic document management this also encompasses data capture, workflow, document scanning and automated processes.

The main driver for using EDM is to ‘save’ but what exactly does it save?

First of all we must remember that the most important element of any business is the customer and if customers aren’t happy they can soon spread the word and ruin your reputation. Automating processes can lead to less errors, faster response times and ultimately vastly improved customer service. ‘Saving’ your customers is key.

Secondly there is the space issue. Storing paper documents in filing cabinets or cupboards takes up valuable office space which could be used more productively .

Thirdly it saves time. 75% of time working with paper is wasted simply filing and searching for documents. Time saved allows staff to complete more work.

The fourth consideration is that EDM saves resources, i.e. people. If a business is heavily dependent on paper based processes this inevitably means that more staff are required to manage the documentation. Less people equals less salaries.

Then there is your competitive edge. Getting product to market faster than your competitors is imperative. Using automated processes for managing documentation and the ability to find information at the click of a button can make all the difference.

Finally and most importantly, EDM saves money. If you look at the previous five reasons the common theme is cost savings and nothing could be more critical for any business.

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