Where can I get my film negatives and slides converted to photographs?

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Before the digital age in which we now live photography was a more complex art involving photographic film which produced negatives which in turn had to be developed into photographs.

Slides were also used to capture images of people and events and were viewed using a special viewer. Unsurprisingly, many families still possess negatives and slides which have been passed down through the generations but have no means of converting them into images. Companies which used to develop photographs are long gone as digital cameras are now the norm.

The IPC Group recognised that there was, in fact, still a demand for this service and in addition to the memorabilia scanning service they already provide, they can now offer a slide and film negative conversion service. Negatives can be of various sizes and not always in the best of condition but using high level scanning resolution and special enhancement facilities the results can be quite remarkable.

We can convert 35mm film slides scanning at 6400 dpi and negatives up to 9 x 12 cm at 2400 dpi. For a full price list click here and for further information please either call us on 08081 45 46 47 or complete the contact form on our website.

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