Which should I choose for my business, the digital pen or a PDA?

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The most significant difference between the digital pen and a PDA is that a PDA requires more technical knowledge and invariably involves training. PDA’s can have complex menus to navigate and small fields in which to record data. The digital pen, however, is no different than writing on paper with a standard ballpoint so there is no or very little change management required.

The investment cost for the digital pen is also less with no expensive software to support. The ROI for a PDA is slower as roll out takes longer. The digital pen almost immediately starts to show benefits.

Another advantage of the digital pen is that, in the event of the loss or breakage of a pen, work can still continue by using the same paper forms and a traditional pen. If there is a technical problem connecting to the internet, the data has already been recorded on paper so can be processed manually. In the case of the PDA, the user would have to stop work until the problems were resolved.

There are other considerations such as when working outdoors, the reflective PDA screen can be difficult to read and digital pens are less distracting and intrusive when talking to clients. PDA’s are also more likely to get stolen as they have a higher market value, thus making them more costly to replace.

The digital pen is the perfect solution for many applications – to discuss your requirements further, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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