Which suppliers provide survey processing as a service?

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Customer survey processing can easily be outsourced to a company, such as The IPC Group, which uses forms processing software to automate the whole process.

In order to achieve the best possible results it is important to ensure that the customer survey form is designed correctly and we offer a re-design service if required or will even design a form from scratch for clients embarking on a new project.

As soon as the customer survey forms have been completed and collected they are sent either by post or courier to us to be processed. Deliveries can either be daily or weekly dependent on volume.

The forms are scanned in our document scanning bureau and the data captured using forms processing software. The data is then validated and quality checked before being released as an XML or CSV file either on CD or to our secure cloud hosted facilities ready to be imported into the client’s own IT system. As well as the data, the scanned images of the original forms will also be available for viewing.

Most clients do not wish to have the paper forms returned after they have been processed so we arrange for them to be confidentially shredded as the final part of the process.

For further information on IPC’s customer survey processing service please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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