Why are clinicians using digital pen technology?

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As in any other profession clinicians have targets to meet and administration tasks such as updating patient records need to be carried out as efficiently as possible.

A solution which has been proven to substantially reduce the amount of time spent on these kind of tasks is digital pen technology and it is becoming increasingly popular with clinicians.

The digital pen looks and feels like a standard ballpoint pen but it allows the clinicians to write the notes on forms which have been printed on Anoto pattern paper whilst in consultation with the patient. At the end of the day the pen is docked to a PC and all the data is automatically uploaded to the patient records.

The technology supports both handwriting and drawings so is ideal for use in healthcare. As soon as the clinician has completed a session with a patient he can move on to the next, confident that the notes have been completed.  The time saved results in more patients being treated and clinicians are able to meet ,if not exceed, their targets.

For more information on digital pen technology and its applications please contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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