Why are more and more PCT’s using the digital pen?

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The digital pen is becoming increasingly popular with PCT’s (Primary Care Trusts) as a new means of collecting patient data.

The pen looks and feels like a traditional ballpoint pen and is used in exactly the same way. Clinicians complete forms which have been printed on to ‘special’ Anoto paper which tracks the pen strokes in order to interpret the characters which are being formed. As soon as the form is completed the pen is docked at a PC and the data is uploaded almost instantaneously to the Trust’s Patient Record System.  A PDF image of the original form and an XML data file can be viewed and both are stored in the system.

As well as saving time and administration costs on inputting the data, the major benefits of using digital pen technology are the speed at which the patient information becomes available, increased accuracy of the data but more importantly it allows clinicians to visit a greater number of patients and to spend more time with each one.

For further information on how the digital pen can be used in PCT’s please contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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