Why is a good system essential when trying to go paperless?

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Many companies are still trying to reduce the amount of paper they produce and are storing more and more data electronically. Whilst this seems like a step in the right direction, unless a structured system is in place, randomly saving files in different drives and machines, can be just as disorganised as having mountains of paper. People may type letters and save them on their hard drives, emails are exchanged but not stored in an organised manner and other documents such as spreadsheets and power point presentations are also saved on individual P.C.s.

Any business which is serious about managing information effectively and compliantly must have an electronic document management system. Company wide rules should be established as to what needs to be retained, where it should be filed and for how long and also what can be immediately disposed of. It should be easy and intuitive for users, secure and backed up.

The IPC Group’s document management system mstore ticks all these boxes and has a document retention tool, version control and simple workflow. There is also a full audit facility which reports on all activity within the system and a data integrity feature to ensure compliance.

For further information about The IPC Group’s document management solutions, please call 08081 45 46 47.

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