Why is an EDM system essential for business continuity?

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When organisations produce a business continuity plan they, generally, always ensure that their IT infrastructure is a prime consideration. What tend to get overlooked are archives of paperwork which play a critical role in the operation of the business. Moreover, paper is the most vulnerable of business assets as it is more at risk of damage or destruction by fire or floods.

For this reason it is essential that a business which is planning for a disaster, has an electronic document management system in place to store and protect valuable information. All paperwork which comes into an organisation by post should be scanned into the system. Other types of documents such as emails can be stored directly into the system without having to print and scan as can documents generated in house such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

An electronic document management system guarantees long term availability of all business critical information and provides easy access and high security.

Resource to scan archives of paperwork into the system needn’t be an issue as the work can be outsourced to a scanning bureau. It is also important to ensure that off site back up of your data is in place – without the availability of key data recovery from a disaster would become less likely.

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